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The Eldon Area Chamber of Commerce building is located at the newly built depot. The newly built depot sits where the previous two depots where located. Inside you can find information about events and activities, as well as look at some historical artifacts from the Rock Island Railroad in the museum at the depot.

Hours: M-F  8-4:30PM

Eldon Missouri 

City of Eldon was incorporated on March 15, 2023 with the founding fathers taking the opportunity for economic empowerment which the area had not yet seen. The Missouri Pacific Railroad would be the first railroad to pass through the City of Eldon which grew the community. In 1904, Eldon took another opportunity to pursue another rail line known as the Rock Island Railroad. This iconic railroad established the community of its area strengths and connectivity. 


The Rock Island Railroad is no longer alive, but the history and legacy of the railroad still lives on strong in the Eldon community. Without the Rock Island Railroad, millions of people would not get the opportunity to watch the Petticoat Junction sit-com, as it was based on the City of Eldon and the Rock Island Railroad, nor would businesses take the chance on expanding their boundaries to rural communities of Missouri. 


Today, The City of Eldon and the Eldon Area are experiencing the same growth and excitement as our fellow citizens witnessed years ago. The City of Eldon and Eldon Area are seeing more businesses starting and expanding in the community with manufacturing plants such as Quaker Windows & Doors and Adient. The community is known for its school district as being one of the best in the state. The quality of life is extraordinary with amenities, businesses, and location which makes us “Your Hometown at the Lake” 


As the legacy of the Rock Island railroad is still alive and strong, the Eldon Area is creating its own legacy that will be passed on generation after generation. The Eldon Chamber of Commerce invites you to come visit our beautiful city and explore the great traditions the area offers  like our Annual Turkey Festival, Miller County Fair and build new memories with your family or even starting your own business in Eldon.


Petticoat Junction and Green Acres fictional towns such as Hooterville was the site of Eldon, Missouri. The creator of the series Paul Henning's wife would tell stories about the times she would ride the train to Eldon to visit her grandparents which inspired Paul to write a show about her adventures.

Quality of Life 

Eldon, Missouri offers the key components to provide a great quality of life for its community, including 3 city parks, 2 grocery stores, 2 healthcare providers, numerous banking facilities, Missouri Best Choice Aquatic Center, more than 20 churches, Miller County Fairgrounds, Top 100 school district, and much more!

Lake of the Ozarks 

With a short drive, you can experience the one top recreational lake's in the Midwest. Either if boating is your escape to relaxation, casting a line into the water, hiking at the numerous trails at the state parks, being close to all of the excitement, but able to come home to enjoy the peace and quietness of your hometown. 

Tourism Sites and Sounds 

There are many places to go and see while visiting Eldon, Missouri. You and your family can visit Stark Caverns, play 18 holes of golf at Eldon Golf Club or the surrounding area's, enjoy Friday and Saturday nights at Lake Ozark Speedway and more! 

Small Town Living 

Like shopping? Like close knit communities? Then you will love shopping at many of our home grown businesses in Eldon. Take a stroll down Maple Street to see and taste greatness of Eldon. There are many small shops that will suite your shopping needs, while enjoying a tasty beverage and delicious foods from our well established venues. Also, explore the rest of the community and find many unique and iconic places to see and and eat. 

Parks and Rec

Eldon, Missouri has many parks to suite your child's needs, as well a place to get out and enjoy nature. City of Eldon has one of the Missouri top aquatic centers, with fun filled amenities. City of Eldon was awarded a Recreational Trails Grant that will be going towards the construction of the Rock Island Trail. The Eldon community is excited to bring this addition into Eldon as it will create a new source of activities and active living. 

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